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A single application will
Kill Dangerous Microbes for Years
Viruses, Bacteria, Algae, Fungus and Mold
Safe, Non-Leaching, Non-Depleating
Not a poison, will not cause a 'Super Bug'

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This is a non-commercial website offering valuable information from many sources to give the reader a good understanding of this remarkable technology.
This chemical chain could
Save the World
propyl dimethyl octadecyl
ammonium chloride

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  When applied properly a single application of the Long- Term Antimicrobial chemical chain will physically attach to fabrics and solid surfaces. This is a permanent bond of sword-like chains that effectively puncture and electrocute all microbes it comes in contact with. This technology has been proven to kill thousands of different types of viruses and microbes and does not lose its effectiveness over time. The videos on the next page of this website will give the viewer an excellent understanding of how this technology works.


Current Primary Industry Use
Medical - Virus and Bacteria Control
Textiles - Stain and Odor Control
Construction - Fungus and Mold Control
Virus and Bacteria Control Target Venues
Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Doctor Offices
Airplanes & Airports, Trains & Train Stations
Hotels, Conference Centers, Stadiums & Arenas
Schools, Day Care, Retail, Restaurants, Malls
Residences of those most vulnerable to germs
LogoBullet This Long Term Antimicrobial chemical chain was originally developed in the 1970's by Dow Corning and named AEGIS
LogoBullet Since then it has gone through extensive testing and refinement by several labratories
LogoBullet Now it is EPA registered and has proven to be safe for humans, animals and the environment
LogoBullet And, because it is not a posion, it cannot contribute to the creation of a 'superbug'
LogoBullet Long-Term Antimicrobial technology is currently incorporated into dozens of industries and hundreds of consumer products plus the chemical solution is available for consumer personal use
Long-Term Antimicrobial Technology
(Aegis, BioShield, BioProtect, Monofoil, etc.)
Bonds permanantly to a surface
Can Kill Microbes* for Years
* Viruses, Bacteria, Algae, Fungus, Mold, Mildew
Including: MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella, H1N1 & thousands more
Physically destroys Microbes, Not a Poison
Safe, Non-Leaching, Non-Depleating
Environmentally Friendly - EPA Registered
Currently incorporated into many products and
is available to consumers for home use
Short-Term Leaching Antimicrobials
(Products using copper, silver or other metals)
Bonds to a surface
Releases nano-metal particles
that poison and kill Microbes
Depleats after continued exposure
Can be a catalyst for a 'Superbug'
Currently on many consumer products
Quick Kill Antimicrobials
(Clorine, Disinfectants, Lysol, Dial, etc.)
A one-time surface cleaner
Effectively Poisons and Kills most Microbes
Only On Initial Contact
then disipates and becomes ineffective

This is a non-commercial website offering valuable information from many sources to give the reader a good understanding of this remarkable technology.
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